Martin 6-Saiten-Satz für Akustikgitarren 80/20 Bronze Stärke Light .012-.054 3 Sätze

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Martin Traditional strings are the Martin & Co. flagship line and stand the test of time. The 80/20 bronze acoustic strings are the workhorse of the industry. Martin in particular makes a very high quality product. All 80/20 Bronze guitar strings are made of a combination of 80 percent copper and 20 percent Zinc. They produce a more mellow tone through out the sustain. They have a crisper attack when you pluck it.

The Martins 80/20 are made up of the highest quality bronze steel core wire wrapped around by the bronze alloy that produces a brighter sound and a warmer sound throughout the ring of the string. Since they are made of this very high quality materials, your strings will last sounding crispier and brighter for the lifespan of the string. Designed and manufactured by Martin & Co. every care and patience is taken to produce the highest quality strings, right down to the packaging, which reduces any tarnishing of the strings.

80/20 Bronze Ball End M150, M150, M170 & M175 available in 3-packs.


Acoustic Martin Traditional 80/20 Bronze


















M170   Extra Light    10    14    23    30    39    47 



M175    Custom Light    11    15    23    32    42    52 



M140   Light    12    16    25    32    42    54 



M240    Bluegrass    12    16    25&nb3 Sätze in 1 Packung